What is Upfriends?

Upfriends’ website is a place where you can find your own upfriend. But what is an upfriend? Picture one of your friends from the opposite sex. This friend is the kind of friend that joins your group of friends when they go to a party or a festival. Thus far this friend is equal to any other friend in that particular group.

After a while, this friend is the kind of friend you would like to go intimite with. But nothing more than that. A friend with benefits. We can now say this friend is one level up, compared to the other friends in the group. Your (level) upfriend!

What does Upfriends offer?

Our casual dating website offers a free forum. The free dating forum does not have restrictions for members that don’t have a payed membership. Feel free to use the Free For Life Dating Membership and only upgrade to Premium when you feel the need to. But when you upgrade, please know that we do not auto-renew the Premium membership.free online dating website casual sex

We don’t like dating sites that keep costing you money, even when you are on holiday for 3 weeks. No, YOU DECIDE how long you pay for the casual dating community. And, next to the fully functional dating forum, that is the second of three key pilars on Upfriends!

What we also don’t like are advertisements. Our platform is free of ads and we don’t bother you with commercial intended emails either. In fact, we only send you an email on registration, when you lost your password or when the Premium dating membership prices might change. So, you see these will only be for informational purposes only.

In short, we can pinpoint the 3 Key Pilars Of Upfriends as follows:

  • Free Forum – Free access to the 75 sections on our dating forum, even with a free account.
  • You are in control – We don’t like recurring payments. You decide if you want to stay. You decide how long your datingsite membership is.
  • No advertising – We don’t like advertisements either. You will not find them here. A nice, clean and fast casual dating community is what we offer here.

What do I get and for what price?

Well, the free dating membership gives you full access to the forum. In addition to that, you can perform a ‘quick search’, meaning that you have a basic search form available to find someone you like. In the table below you can find the feature ‘I share what I see’. This is enabled for the free membership and means that if you forgot to upload a profile picture, no profile pictures are visible in search profiles results. This also counts for other parameters in the dating profile.

When a free member receives a message from a (payed) member, it is possible to send a reply. But only 5 per day. Upgrading to a payed membership means that you can send no less than 50 messages/replies per day and have up to 5 photo’s in your profile instead of just one. With all types of membership the chat function is available!

For a full overview of the differences in dating packages, please read the table below.

[ahm-pricing-table id=2334 currency=€]

Not visible in the table: Premium Plus package with unlimited messages sending and unlimited photo’s uploading at €249 annual. You can choose this one in your ‘Dashboard’ after loggin in with any membership.

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